Men Wool sweater winter

29,60 lei

For Orders please call us on 0757888882

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Swiss Second hand wool sweater for men first grade quality

minimal defects to non defects at all

95% brands

Sizes: S, M, L, Xl

Different colors and Materials

price is for 1 kg, this item comes in a bag of 80 – 120 kg.

Please note, these items are only a sample of what the lot might contain. .

Most of the items in the lot are in a very good condition.

This Lot is non-refundable or returnable, please we invite you to our warehouse to check the lot and open it before purchase

Keep in mind that the items are used, so it is possible to find some items with a small defect.

To buy this item please contact us on tel: 0757888882 or by email on


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